Introducing Warhorn LLC and Warhorn 2nd Edition

Hey folks, I’m excited to say that as Warhorn moves into its 8th year, we’re ready to take it to the next level! I started Warhorn as a hobby, a way to give back to the community by helping people spend less time at cons mustering and more time playing. However, as the user base and requests for new features have grown, I realized that to reach its potential, it needed a more focused approach. Well, I’m pleased to officially announce that development has begun on Warhorn 2nd Edition! This updated version introduces many new and exciting features that will dramatically improve the experience of players, organizers, retailers, and game publishers. Most of these improvements were driven directly by user feedback, so we’re confident you’re going to like what you see.

In order to deliver these features in a timely basis, the only real option was to quit my day job and launch Warhorn LLC, a company dedicated to developing and operating Warhorn full-time. I have turned to my long time friend, fellow gamer, senior user experience developer, and co-owner of the highly successful gaming store Endgame Oakland: Finn Kisch, to help build this product and company into the system you’ve been asking for.

I’ve always said that, no matter what, users will be able to use Warhorn for free, without having to look at ads, and I’m not going to break that promise. The foundation of Warhorn 2E is an improved, free service, with powerful new capabilities that let you:

  • Establish a single user account for the entire site. No more re-entering your personal details every time you register for an event!
  • Connect with your friends to see what events they’re going to and what games they’ve signed up for
  • Setup recurring events (eg. weekly or monthly game days) via an easier and more intuitive interface
  • View the redesigned main event listings, which will include recurring game days

We’re also introducing an exciting set of premium features that will allow Warhorn to transform your event gaming experience for a small monthly subscription fee. These premium features let you:

  • Choose a specific table and/or judge when you sign up for a game. No more wondering what table or judge you will get assigned. You’ll be able to choose for yourself when you register
  • Sign up for tables your friends are playing in. Now you can guarantee a spot with your pals rather than hoping it just works out for you to play together. You’ll even be able to simultaneously register for tables as a group!
  • Receive personalized notifications when events are added that meet the criteria you specify (eg. proximity, campaigns/scenarios offered, etc.)
  • Save and update your character details (eg. class, level, play history, and scenario “wish list”) in a PC registry. When you sign up for a game, you’ll be able to select which PC you’re bringing to the game right from the table registration menu
  • Track your gaming schedule seamlessly via integration with iCal, Google Calendar and other popular personal calendar programs

Later this year, we’ll be bringing premium services to event organizers, including graphical table mustering, customized event skins and scenario descriptions, judge/volunteer management tools, and more. Further down the road, we’ll be powering up game store owners, organized play network and campaign administrators, and even game publishers. We think there are lots of ways we can help bring the different parts of the gaming community together to make playing games together easier and more fun.

I hope that you’re all as excited as I am about our plans, and we want to hear from you! Become a fan of our Facebook page and start a discussion, or follow us on Twitter @warhornllc. Also, drop by from time to time and check out our blog here at We’ll be updating it often to let you know how things are going, and to give you sneak peeks as we build and launch new features and design the final look for 2E. Thanks for using Warhorn – game on!

Brian Moseley,
Chief Suspect, Warhorn LLC

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6 comments on “Introducing Warhorn LLC and Warhorn 2nd Edition
  1. Robert Moon says:

    Congratulations and best of luck in this endeavor!

  2. Cedric says:

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait.

  3. chiggins says:

    I’m just goddam proud to know ya. This is most excellent news.

  4. Steve says:

    +1 😀

  5. Allen Fleishman says:

    This was written over two years ago. Any progress?

  6. Brian says:

    Life has gotten in the way of us being able to ship the things we laid out in this post. We’ve made lots of progress to be sure, but as documented over the last couple years in this very blog, we don’t have much to show for it publicly. We hope for that to change in the next few months, but given our track record, you’d be wise not to hold your breath 🙂

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