Now with increased protection from email forgery, harmful ultraviolet rays

Some of you may have experienced a problem with Warhorn mysteriously refusing to send you email. I identified a while back that this was happening with some Hotmail users, but I was never able to track down the problem.

After moving to the new server, some new troubleshooting capabilities helped me determine the issue was with Hotmail’s implementation of SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, a relatively new email standard that helps combat email forgery.

Here’s what was happening: Warhorn would send an email message using the address of the event organizer (e.g., and Hotmail would refuse to deliver the message because the Warhorn server was not authorized to send messages from Bad news.

I have updated Warhorn to now send all email from a address. This should resolve the problem of mysteriously missing messages. If anybody continues to see a problem with dropped email, please let us know (though, as always, make sure your spam filters are letting through). Thanks!

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3 comments on “Now with increased protection from email forgery, harmful ultraviolet rays
  1. Aaron Pil says:

    Great, I was getting a little singed there.

    What kind of prices are you thinking for the monthly fees? Also there may be some function overlap with whatever new abilites WoTC is giving to their forums.

  2. Brian says:

    Aaron, we haven’t made a final decision as to subscription pricing, but I think you can expect it to be just a few dollars per month – think of it as the cost of an orange mocha frappucino and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

    The Wizards boards may superficially appear to have a limited amount of similar functionality to Warhorn, but I’m confident that breadth and depth of features that 2E will bring, for both free and paid users, will set us apart and justify your loyalty and patience.

  3. Aaron Pil says:

    Great, I was hoping the price would be around what a yearly magazine subscription would cost. Warhorn is great.

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