NEW: Facebook “like” buttons for your event sites

Facebook recently added the ability to put a “like” button on any web page. Seems like a nice way to give organizers an additional channel for contacting their users and spreading the word about their events, so we dropped one on the overview page for every event site. The button links to a Facebook page specifically about your event which you can use to communicate with your attendees, upload photos, and so forth. In return, folks can show their support for your event by liking it.

If you’re the organizer for a Warhorn event site and want to access the Facebook page linked to your Warhorn event as an administrator, drop us a line at with your Facebook username and we’ll get you hooked up. Similarly, if you’d prefer not to have the Facebook like button appear on your event site, send us a message to that effect as well. Soon you’ll be able to control this stuff yourself through event setup.

As always, we’d like to know what you think about the features we add. Comment on this post or on our Facebook page or send us a tweet. Hope you enjoy the like button!

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One comment on “NEW: Facebook “like” buttons for your event sites
  1. […] discussed in the previous post, we recently added a Facebook “like” button to each event site’s overview page. […]

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