Facebook part 2: Opting out, connecting to existing pages

As discussed in the previous post, we recently added a Facebook “like” button to each event site’s overview page. As expected, some organizers weren’t too interested in this feature, so we’ve added the ability to turn it off. Just go into event setup and search for “Enable Facebook integration?”; you can choose “no” here to make the like button disappear.

Other organizers beat us to the punch and had previously established Facebook pages for their events. For these folks, it doesn’t make sense to create yet another page on Facebook when they have established connections with people and existing conversations. To address this situation, we’ve added the ability for you to specify the ID for an existing Facebook page. Search for “Do you already have a Facebook page for your event?” in event setup (if you can’t find it, go to “Enable Facebook integration?” and choose “yes”, and the page ID field will show up). Your facebook page’s ID is right there in the page’s URL; for example, if my page’s URL is http://www.facebook.com/pages/AwesomeCon/123459876534321, the ID is the number in green.

Hopefully these two tweaks will give each of you the opportunity to link up with Facebook (or not to) in exactly they way you prefer. As always, let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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