New for summer: partial site redesign

As I mentioned on Facebook a while back, we’ve had our heads down on a partial redesign of a couple key parts of the main site. It only took a few weeks longer than expected, mainly due to a barrage of bugs in some of the open source software we use, but here we are!

Home page: We’ve gotten some feedback from non-users that the home page wasn’t particularly clear about how Warhorn could be helpful to them. As a short-term measure, we added some text that attempts to hit the highlights for organizers and attendees. We also show the events that are occurring this week so you can click around to see some timely examples of event sites. This is a temporary redesign of the home page; we’ll be doing a complete overhaul later this year, so if you have suggestions, let us know.

Event listings: The listings have been completely rewritten to:

  • Show only 25 listings per page so that you don’t have to wait for a giant page with thousands of listings to load
  • Filter listings by location so that you can quickly find the events happening in your city, state or country
  • Sort listings by title, location or date
  • Update the listings table in-place when you’re paging, sorting or filtering so that the site responds faster

We’ve also made it possible for you to specify whether or not your event should be visible in the listings when you request your site. Finally, we’ve moved the blog to its own domain – be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions.

We’re super excited to make this update because it marks the first time we’ve put 2e code into production. Originally we were going to wait and ship a completely new, totally rewritten 2e site, but as you can probably tell, life has continually gotten in the way for both Finn and me, and we haven’t been able to make progress as quickly as we’d have liked. We decided recently that instead of making you guys wait forever for vaporware, we’re going to start giving you 2e features incrementally so that you can take advantage of the improvements we’ve been working on for the last year and so that we can get some real experience operating the new software.

I’m also stoked to announce that the next feature we’re working on is hands down the most-requested feature of all: single sign-on! No more setting up an account for each event site – you’ll have one central Warhorn account that will give you access to every single event. We’re still designing this feature and thinking through how migrating everyone to the new central accounts is going to work, but we’ll have more information available soon.

We’re also planning to update the look of the site in the near future. We’ve been living with this temporary look for too long, not to mention the fact that the event site design hasn’t changed in ten years! Again, we’ll let you know more when we’re closer to launching the new look.

Once these projects are done, we’ll have a great base to start bringing over the 2e features that we built last summer and fall. I hope that by the end of the year the site will hardly resemble its 2009 incarnation.

Anyway, let us know what you think about the new stuff. Thanks!

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