Another year, another status update – and a request for help.

UPDATE: We’re amazed by the outpouring of goodwill and generosity we’ve received since yesterday. We asked for help, and you answered us loud and clear. We’ve now met our Q3 goal. We’ll update the banner ASAP (we have to do it manually) and I’ll get cracking on updates to the Donate page to give our donors the recognition they deserve. Look for a followup blog post later today with more thoughts about fundraising and where we go from here.

– Finn

The nine months since our last status update have seen a lot of chaos in our personal lives (mine especially) and correspondingly slow progress on Warhorn improvements. At this point we know better than to give you all a forecast but we’ve started doing monthly “hack days” to keep our momentum and motivation going. We’re keeping the current site chugging along while we chip away at our backlog.

All that being said, Brian and I have finally admitted to ourselves something that’s been obvious for a while. I’ll be blunt: Warhorn can’t continue without your donations. Most months, a few people donate to us and we are incredibly grateful to them. The harsh reality, though, is that the efforts of these heroic few don’t cover the minimum monthly costs to keep the current site online.

Brian and I have spent literally thousands of dollars out of our own pockets to keep Warhorn running and pay for the tools we need for new development. Continuing that financial outlay has become untenable.

Twenty people contributed to Warhorn in 2011. That’s less than one-tenth of one percent of Warhorn’s total users. We’re asking the remaining 99.9% of you to pitch in. There’s a donation banner on the site now that shows the amount we need to raise by the end of September. If we hit that goal, we can keep Warhorn going and set another goal for Q4. If not, then Brian and I have some tough decisions to make.

Thanks for helping us help you make your awesome gaming experiences possible.


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7 comments on “Another year, another status update – and a request for help.
  1. Stephan Kendall says:

    Donated $50. This is a terrific site and I couldn’t function as a Convention and Game Store Organizor without Warhorn.

    Let’s keep it going!

  2. Robyn says:

    Yep, this site is the cat’s meow for gaming organizers. Most Con sites can only wish to be as good as or as competent as this site is for organizing events.
    I’ve given!!

  3. Bryant says:

    I’ll go donate in a sec, but before I do I wanna leave two links:

    Screw free. You should just charge us for this. Ten bucks per site per year would bring in a few hundred a month, which would cover the costs you mentioned in last October’s post.

    • Brian says:

      “Don’t be a free user” is my own personal philosophy, but unfortunately some (many?) of our users don’t seem to share it.

      Probably the very first revenue model we considered was $x per site per year, perhaps where x was on a sliding scale based on the number of attendees and/or tables. We got some feedback from organizers who said they wouldn’t use Warhorn if they had to pay even one dollar. We thought it would be unfair to their attendees for their organizers to hold them hostage for a small amount of money.

      We’ve considered many other sources of revenue as well, but I always come back to this one as the simplest and easiest. And maybe the stingy organizers would end up having enough pressure put on them by their attendees that they’d suck it up and pay the ten bucks or whatever. Always seemed to me that most people get a dollar’s worth of value out of Warhorn and don’t mind having it added to their overall ticket price. But as I said, there’s a range of opinions.

  4. Stephan Kendall says:

    Btw, the balance counter at the top doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Brian says:

    @Stephan – We have to update the banner manually, so we’ll be doing that once every day or two. We’re pretty psyched about how you guys have stepped up for us!

  6. Douglas Fugate says:

    This is one of those sites that really gets taken for granted. Money is tight for a lot of folks these days, but there is no reason why folks can’t chip in and help. I gotta agree with Bryant.
    You should probably be charging everybody who uses this site on a regular basis. Thanks for everything, and I hope this little bit helps.

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