Knocking it out of the park

Wow, folks! You really exceeded our expectations with your support this weekend. We blew past our $600 goal in just 12 hours. Thanks so much!

Since we’ve achieved our third-quarter goal so quickly, you might be asking, “Why should I donate? They’ve got it covered.” The short answer is, “Because our goal only addresses three months of operational costs and we have debt to pay.”

Your donations between now and September 30 will help us to pay down our debt. When Q4 rolls around, we’ll raise funds for Q4, pay down our debt with any extra, and so on.

The longer answer involves our present situation and our plan for the future.

At present, we have a minimum monthly cost to operate Warhorn. The cost incorporates a variety of expenses, from Web hosting to security certificates to a management system for our complicated set of next-gen development tasks.

In the future, we’d like to transform Warhorn from a spare-time gamer project into a full-fledged product with all of characteristics (including mobile support) you’d expect from a modern Web application. Every dollar you donate brings Warhorn closer to that level. We’re not kidding around here – we love Warhorn development and we’re dedicated to this community.

As you know, it’s going to take us a while to get there. We’ve done our best to document the reasons in this blog. In the meantime we plan to continue operating Warhorn as we have been. That’s why I built Warhorn in the first place. I wanted to give something back to the gaming community. That’s also why we use language like “donation” and “fundraising”. We’re still two guys with day jobs who give as much time and money as we can to make life easier for our fellow gamers.

So here’s the bottom line.

We’ll never ask you to give us money unless we believe we’ve delivered something that’s worth your dollars. The economy sucks. There’s not a lot of cash to go around, and we all want to spend it on MORE GAMING. That’s a huge factor in our financial decisions.

Please do consider additional donations now and then, perhaps quarterly or annually, and encourage your attendees and friends to do the same. Donate whatever amount our product is worth to you.

When (and if) we launch a commercial version of Warhorn, we’ll stop asking for donations and start talking like a for-profit concern. Until then we’ll keep the Warhorn you depend on and we’ll roll out high-quality improvements as quickly as we can.

We welcome further discussion on any of these topics here, on Facebook, or via email. Please do let us know what you think!

We can’t thank you enough for your support. We’re really proud of our donors for stepping up to the plate.

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