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We’re excited to announce a significant new feature for Warhorn event organizers: venue support!¬†Event staff can now enter addresses and phone numbers for venues where event activities will be held. The event schedule groups activities by venue and allows users

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New features for October

Happy October everybody! Things have been quiet over here for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working. On the contrary, we’ve been quite busy putting together various new features, making improvements under the hood and

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Manual event registration

Yesterday we rolled out the ability for event staff to manage an attendee’s schedule. Today we’ve released a complementary feature: event staff can now manually register an attendee for the event. Manual event registration is another v1 feature that didn’t

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New for this week: attendee schedule management

After launch quite a few event organizers told us that they missed the v1 feature that allowed event staff to manage an attendee’s schedule. We didn’t include that feature in v2 originally because we weren’t sure how many people actually

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Post-launch status report

Hey all, just wanted to share some of what’s happened this week since launching Warhorn v2 on Sunday night: 609 users joined the site 98 events approved 91 support tickets closed 8 bugs fixed thanks to your reports 5 features

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Warhorn leveled up.

We’ve been talking about it for years, and now it’s here: Warhorn v2. To everyone who’s supported Warhorn financially, given us feedback, or offered us suggestions: THANK YOU. We seriously would not have gotten here without you. A sampling of

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Alpha testing the new Warhorn

You may remember previous blog posts describing various attempts to update Warhorn for the new decade. Turns out every one of those attempts was doomed to end in failure. Now we’re breaking that trend with a long-awaited alpha test of

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A new pledge drive and a new Warhorn for a new year

Hey all. Hope you’re having a great 2013. We’ve got some good news and some bad news. In the spirit of getting it over with as quickly as possible, bad news first. The bank account is getting close to empty,

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