A new pledge drive and a new Warhorn for a new year

Hey all. Hope you’re having a great 2013. We’ve got some good news and some bad news. In the spirit of getting it over with as quickly as possible, bad news first.

The bank account is getting close to empty, so much so that we need to ask for donations again. Our run rate has increased over the last year as we’ve added a number of external services to make the job of building and operating Warhorn easier (including but not limited to GitHub for source code hosting, CircleCI for automated builds and testing, Heroku for application hosting, Scout for monitoring and Papertrail for log management). We need a total of $1000 to cover Q2 expenses, and we’ve already received $130 in donations this year, so we’re asking for another $870. Sounds like a lot, but when we asked for $600 last year, you guys responded quickly; not only did you put us over the goal line within 12 hours, your subsequent donations kept us running for another 6 months.

So that’s the bad news. And now for the good news! We’ve been working for years (!) on a new version of the site built with modern technology. There’s so much we’ve wanted to do with Warhorn but have been unable to because the original version is built with spit and baling wire and any change would be likely to cause additional bugs. So we’re super happy to announce that we are just a couple weeks away from an alpha test of the new site! While there will be a limited number of participants in this first test, we fully expect to open up a public beta of the new site not too long after. Which means that, if all goes well, sometime this summer you’ll finally get to see what we’ve been working on for so long.

We hope the good news motivates you to help us cope with the bad news by sending us a few bucks. Whatever you can spare, even if it’s just a few bucks, really does help. Thanks again for your support!

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4 comments on “A new pledge drive and a new Warhorn for a new year
  1. Robert Altomare says:

    Thanks for this wonderful service. You guys make running a convention or gameday 1000% easier.

  2. Tim Rooks says:

    No brainer. Warhorn is what makes conventions work. (Travel Cost + Room Cost + Badge Cost) * 5% = Perfectly Cromulent Warhorn Donation (PCWarD)

  3. Evan Hatch says:

    Hello, I am interested in donating for sure but I would like to know what is coming in this new version first, not extreme detail but some bullets would be nice, even the non-confirmed ones. One thing we find painful about the existing warhorn build is that if we want to format an event description at all we have to code it all and that is super time consuming. If there is beneficial upgrades coming to how event creation functions, as well as export function of those events, I would definitely donate $100+. If it is reallllllly good changes more for sure.

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