Warhorn leveled up.

We’ve been talking about it for years, and now it’s here: Warhorn v2. To everyone who’s supported Warhorn financially, given us feedback, or offered us suggestions: THANK YOU. We seriously would not have gotten here without you.

A sampling of the great new stuff you’ll find at https://warhorn.net:

Single signon

Once you create your new account on Warhorn v2, you’ll never have to do it again. One account gives you the ability to register for every event within Warhorn.

The dashboard

Every time you log in to Warhorn, you’ll have one-click access to every event for which you’re an attendee or an organizer. You’ll also see a list of events added since your previous login. Never miss another upcoming event!

Event setup wizard

Setting up a new event is now a simple, step-by-step process with plenty of advice and help text for new organizers. Veteran organizers, never fear: you can breeze right through without any distractions. Everyone will appreciate a new WYSIWYG editor for event site home pages. No more tedious HTML hacking!

Making changes to your site is just as easy. You can access any of the wizard steps individually after they’ve been set up. No need to hunt through a big page of controls.

Event schedule

Why sign up for a con if you can’t find something to play? Warhorn v2 shows you every game session in every slot for each day of the con. You can tell at a glance whether a session has room or needs GMs. Need more detail about a scenario being played? It’s there in one click.

Head on over to https://warhorn.net to experience the new Warhorn for yourself. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions at info@warhorn.net.

Happy gaming!

Brian and Finn

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5 comments on “Warhorn leveled up.
  1. Geri Cochrane says:


  2. Shannon Clark says:

    How do I upgrade my events to v2? I see a prompt to suggest asking me to do so but as an event organizer I don’t see how to do the upgrade? Ideally I’d like to retain all the hard work and event history I have already in Warhorn while getting the new features. I also don’t want to lose players or confuse them (I run a weekly event not a once a year convention)

  3. Brian says:

    Shannon, unfortunately we weren’t able to migrate events from the old site to the new one. There’s just too much hidden complexity involved and too many edge cases in the old sites’ data. I feel your pain and promise you that I spent a long time trying to make migration work, but ultimately we had to pull the plug on that. I wish I had a better answer for you.

    To move to v2, then just request an event there as normal. We suggest putting a link on your v1 event’s overview page to direct your attendees to the new event. We’ll be operating the v1 site at least through the end of the year, so you can take your time getting the message out to your attendees.

    Also, we’ll provide a way for you to download all the data from your v1 event before we shut down that site. This will allow you to preserve the history from that site for further analysis.

    Let us know if you have more questions or concerns. Sending us email at info@warhorn.net will make sure you get our attention asap.

  4. Ah that’s unfortunate – I have a year’s worth of game play history that will be lost as well as nearly 100+ registered players. I run a weekly PFS game night so my use case and needs are likely different from many convention organizers.

    I’ll talk with my players and figure out a migration path for us – is there a way I can get every player’s email addresses in an easily imported into a mail app format so I can email everyone about the change and with the updated URL (assuming I can’t keep my old URL when we update?

    • Brian says:

      Hi Shannon, so sorry I didn’t see this comment before – the blog system didn’t email a notification when you posted it. I hope you found an answer to your question already. If not, the answer is yes – on the attendee administration page there’s an “envelope export” link which will download a csv file with data for all your attendees, including email addresses. You can import that file into Excel or another spreadsheet program to select just the email addresses.

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