Post-launch status report

Hey all, just wanted to share some of what’s happened this week since launching Warhorn v2 on Sunday night:

  • 609 users joined the site
  • 98 events approved
  • 91 support tickets closed
  • 8 bugs fixed thanks to your reports
  • 5 features added on the back end to support things you’ve requested like changing an event’s organizer and adding more game systems

As the number of support incidents starts to drop (hopefully over the next few days) we’ll be able to turn our attention to the next few projects on our plate:

  • A knowledge base where users can search for answers to questions before contacting support
  • A forum for making feature suggestions and giving feedback on others’ suggestions
  • The ability for event staff to directly manage attendees’ signups
  • The ability for event staff to register people without Warhorn accounts for events
  • A new version of the API for the v2 site

And we’re also starting to talk about longer-term plans to build some of the features that you guys have been asking about for years. I won’t tease anything specifically because a) we don’t have a great record for delivering on things we tease 😉 and b) we haven’t decided on specific priorities yet.

Finn and I couldn’t be happier about the overwhelmingly positive response to the new site and want to thank everyone who’s reached out with comments, questions and suggestions. Please keep them coming – your feedback is what helps us decide what to do next and how to shape the site over time. And for those who are disappointed with choices we made when building v2 or who prefer some aspect of the v1 site – please let us know that too; we can’t meet your needs if you don’t let us know what they are. As always you can contact us at

Thanks and good gaming!

Brian and Finn

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