New for this week: attendee schedule management

After launch quite a few event organizers told us that they missed the v1 feature that allowed event staff to manage an attendee’s schedule. We didn’t include that feature in v2 originally because we weren’t sure how many people actually used it before (the v1 platform didn’t give us a good way to measure the usage of the feature), but we heard you loud and clear these last couple weeks and have added this capability to the new site.

Here’s a screenshot that illustrates what the Schedule section of the Manage Registration page looks like. Notice that you can sign the attendee up as a player, GM or staff volunteer (if you’re using the volunteer features) and cancel an existing signup. When signing an attendee up to play you can specify their character details if the scenario allows and then edit the character details later.

Screenshot: manage attendee schedule

Custom contact e-mail address

We also slipped in another feature under the radar a few days back: the ability to specify a custom contact e-mail address for your event. You could do this in v1, but when we launched v2 users were directed to contact the organizer directly. This isn’t appropriate in all cases, so you can now specify whatever address you like and that’s where we’ll direct folks when they want to contact you. Especially useful when you have an alias or group set up to handle support for your event. Here’s a screenshot:

Screen shot: contact e-mail setup

We hope you like these new features. Catch us here, at Facebook or Twitter, or drop us a line at to let us know what you think. We’ve got a bunch of additional updates cooking based on your requests, so stay tuned!

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