Manual event registration

Yesterday we rolled out the ability for event staff to manage an attendee’s schedule. Today we’ve released a complementary feature: event staff can now manually register an attendee for the event.

Manual event registration is another v1 feature that didn’t initially make it into v2, but it’s clearly very important to a number of our event organizers. It’s common for an organizer to disable end-user registration when an event’s start date approaches but still want to register walk-ins on-site. In combination with the feature we rolled out yesterday, event staff can now take the attendee’s registration, record their fee payment and sign them up for activities without having to leave Warhorn.

How it works

When you register an attendee you must provide their first and last name. You may also provide an e-mail address, but note that the address must not already be in use for a Warhorn account. If you do provide the attendee’s real e-mail address then they will be able to log into Warhorn with that address just like a user who signed up for their own Warhorn account. If the attendee does not want to provide their real e-mail address or establish a Warhorn account then you can just leave that field blank; the system will generate a fake address.

You can also clear the attendee (only really useful if a real e-mail address is provided), assign them to the event staff, select fees and enter comments about the registration (visible only to event staff).

Screen shot: manual user registration

We hope that these recent changes make the migration from v1 to v2 more attractive for those who haven’t switched over yet and fill in some gaps for those who have.

Good gaming!

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