New features for October

Happy October everybody! Things have been quiet over here for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working. On the contrary, we’ve been quite busy putting together various new features, making improvements under the hood and fixing a number of bugs. Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

1. Event staff can now specify custom copy for their event’s registration page. This lets you provide custom registration instructions for your event, such as “All PFS players must purchase a convention badge” or “Registration includes free pizza”. If you know HTML you can use a few tags to apply some basic formatting to your text and include links or images.

2. Similarly, event staff can now provide custom copy for each scenario. This is distinct from the scenario blurb, which is intended to convey the short description of the scenario that is typically provided on the front page of the scenario as a teaser. While every event will probably use the same blurb for a scenario, the custom copy is meant to let you provide additional event-specific information about the scenario such as sponsor links and images, links to external rules documents, etc. As an example, check out what the GottaCon folks did for their v1 site last year. Any custom copy you provide for a scenario shows up in the event schedule alongside the blurb.

3. We’ve gotten some support tickets recently from people saying “I just signed up for an account but I can’t figure out how to register for event XYZ”. In every case this was because the event had not yet enabled registration or had closed it in preparation for the start of the event. We’ve tried to make this more clear by adding a disabled button that says “Registration closed”, so hopefully this situation will be less confusing. Let us know if our remedy worked.

We’ve got another big announcement coming soon, so keep an eye on the usual channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter) for our next update. Til then, good gaming!

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