Warhorn is dead, long live Warhorn!

After ten long years I’m both saddened and excited to announce that Warhorn v1 has been shut down. Saddened for the obvious reasons, but mostly excited because now we can get on with the business of developing the modern edition of Warhorn without distraction (either financially or administratively).

The King is Dead

As a single example of the kinds of things you can expect to see going forward, in the last few months we’ve been working with some of the Pathfinder Society campaign volunteers to build deeper support for PFS into Warhorn. They’ve put together a comprehensive catalog of all sanctioned PFS scenarios, and we’re creating a way for event staff to choose from this catalog when specify scenario offerings rather than tediously entering these details. This will save you time setting up your events and also enable us to publish statistics about Pathfinder Society play on Warhorn which we think will be interesting to many in the community. We’ll be doing the same for Living Forgotten Realms and eventually for all game systems and organized play campaigns.

We’re also committed to  building on the quality of life improvements that have been slowly making their way into Warhorn. For example, now that event staff can specify the time zone for an event and you can see that time zone on the schedule, we plan to give you the ability to set your preferred time zone so that even if games occur outside your time zone you can see them in your local time. And why is it that you can’t save information about your characters so that you can choose a name when signing up for a game and have its class, level and combat role information automatically come along for the ride? No good reason. We plan to fix that.

Further down the line, we’ve got some really exciting ideas about making it easier for you to find games you’re interested in. If you’ve been signing up for games on Warhorn for a while, shouldn’t we be able to point out games in your area that you might not already know about? And shouldn’t you have more powerful tools for searching for any kind of game you like?

Also, we want to acknowledge  that gaming is something you do with your friends for fun. You should be able to sign up for games together and choose to play together when lots of people have signed up for the same game. You should be able to have a public presence on Warhorn (but only if you want one) and show off what you’ve accomplished in-game. If you participate in organized play campaigns, you should be able to see and talk about your and others’ characters and play histories.

I wrote the very first lines of code for Warhorn v1 back in 2003 because I wanted to get a bunch of RPGA friends together in a hotel meeting room to play D&D all weekend. It went through rapid change for a few years and then more or less settled into the state it existed in until today. When we first contemplated a new version we thought we’d just tear it all down and start from scratch, but that was too much for two people to handle. So Warhorn v2 essentially became a faster, slicker, mostly easier to use little brother of v1. That was fine for its first six months of life, but 2014 is the year where Warhorn v2 grows up and comes into its own right. We hope you like new stuff because we’re gonna throw a bunch at you!

PS: If you have any suggestions for improvements we can make, please send your ideas to us at https://warhorn.uservoice.com/forums/217440-general. That’s a community-sourced list of ideas that you can vote on to show your support; the more votes an idea gets the stronger consideration we give to it. Tell us what you want!

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