Log in with Facebook

Isn’t it frustrating to join a web site and have to type in yet another password? Either you have to make up a new string of gobbledygook that’s too hard to remember (so you make your browser remember it for you or write it down), or you reuse a password from another site. Your security is at risk no matter what choice you make.

Well, new users of Warhorn won’t have that problem if they’re also on Facebook. Existing users, you can connect your account to Facebook and then log into Warhorn with one click. Let Facebook’s dollars and engineering horsepower keep your identity secure. Here’s how it works:

If you already have a Warhorn account and are currently logged out, go to the login page and click “Log in with Facebook”. This will send you to Facebook and ask you to authorize Warhorn to access your Facebook account (if you aren’t logged into Facebook you’ll need to do that first). Once you confirm, you’ll be sent back to Warhorn and automatically logged in.

Log in with Facebook

If you already have a Warhorn account and are currently logged in, go to the “Apps” page in the account settings section (the cog icon in the top nav bar) and click “Connect” next to the Facebook section. This will send you to Facebook as described above. After confirming you’ll be returned to the Apps settings page where you’ll see that your account is now connected.

Connect to Facebook

If you don’t have a Warhorn account yet, go to the signup page and click “Sign up with Facebook” to create a Warhorn account based on your Facebook account’s name and primary email address. The flow is similar to logging in with Facebook as described above.

Sign up with Facebook

After performing any of these actions, you can always return to the Apps settings page to disconnect your Warhorn account from Facebook if you so choose. If you signed up with Facebook and never explicitly set a Warhorn password you’ll want to do that before disconnecting; otherwise you’ll need to use the password reset function after disconnecting from Facebook before you can log back into Warhorn.

Note that Warhorn does not post to your Facebook account. We may add that capability in the future, but if we do we will ask for permission first and allow you to change your mind at any time. We’ll also give you simple controls to manage exactly what gets posted to Facebook on your behalf and what does not.

If you’re a Facebook user, please give this a shot and let us know what you think. If you’d like to be able to log into Warhorn via some other social service we’d like to hear that as well.

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