Organized play membership settings

Those of you participating in organized play campaigns like Pathfinder Society and Living Forgotten Realms probably have a sense of how much effort it takes to coordinate a convention or game day. All the marketing, scheduling, facilities management, logistics, printing, staff and attendee wrangling, after-action reporting and so forth. It’s a thankless job. So why not do your bit to make it easier for the volunteers who serve your hobby? Take advantage of Warhorn’s new organized play membership settings to specify your PFS and DCI numbers so that your event organizer doesn’t have to dig through stacks of papers or hound you with endless e-mails to get them.

Organized play membership settings

Once you’ve set your membership numbers event staff will be able to see them in Warhorn and more efficiently report your gameplay. Then your orc-smashing will be just a little more guilt-free!

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5 comments on “Organized play membership settings
  1. catron1601 says:

    It would be awesome if there was a column on the manage registrations screen that had these numbers.

  2. […] credentials handy, and you can use them for any events organized through warhorn. You can even add your Pathfinder Society Number and DCI (WotC/D&D organized play) numbers that will follow your login from event to event, but […]

  3. stealxdte says:

    how do we get these numbers?

    • warhorn says:

      For those attendees who have set their member numbers, you’ll be able to see them on the manage registrations screens and in the data exports in that section.

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