Event archival

As we mentioned in our last post, we have some very active users; nearly half of you are registered for more than one event. For this reason we show your events on your dashboard, so that you don’t have to rely on browser bookmarks and search tools to find them.

Sometimes, though, it’s no longer useful to have an event on your dashboard. This most frequently happens when a recurring event stops having games scheduled. If nothing’s happening with an event it just clutters your dashboard and makes it harder for you to see the active events. To combat event rot we’ve added a new event archival feature. When we see that an event doesn’t have any activities scheduled and has been quiet for several months we archive it to get it off your dashboard.

Event organizers, if we archive your event you’ll receive an e-mail message. If you think we’ve archived your event in error, or if you subsequently decide you want to schedule some activities, just reply to that message or contact us at info@warhorn.net to get the event reactivated and re-added to your attendees’ dashboards. Sometime in the next couple weeks we’ll be rolling out an enhancement to this feature so that you can archive and reactivate your own events.

One note: we erroneously archived a number of events earlier today that didn’t have any upcoming scheduled activities but which nonetheless had been active very recently. Sorry, our bad! We reactivated those events quickly; organizers, you should have a reactivation message in your mailbox in addition to the mistaken archival email. Please let us know if your event didn’t get reactivated but you think it should.

We hope you enjoy your new dashboards. With this week’s updates they should be less cluttered and feature the most useful information about your activities. If you have ideas on how we can further improve the dashboard or other areas of Warhorn, we’re all ears!

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