Warhorn needs your donations

We’ve written about this before, but as 2015 winds to a close we find a need to talk money again.

For the last couple of years we’ve used that lovely black donation bar at the top of Warhorn pages to show our quarterly fundraising goal and progress toward that goal. You may have noticed that we haven’t come anywhere close to that goal for each of the last few quarters. Put simply, this is not sustainable. We need to bring in more money or we won’t be able to keep Warhorn running.

As you know from reading that earlier post, we have a number of recurring monthly operating costs – application hosting, monitoring and logging as well as various services that aid the process of developing the site. We also incur various expenses annually. All told, we need to bring in somewhere slightly north of $600 per month to cover all of these costs. During the first nine months of this year we have averaged roughly $300 per month in donations. This is clearly a big problem.

Well, can’t you figure out how to make some money?

We’re working on it:

  • We’ve floated the idea of adding features that would only be available to paid subscribers, but we’re not sure that’s the best we can serve the community. This idea remains under discussion, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments here or on Facebook.
  • We’re also looking into sponsorship opportunities and other types of partnerships. If you represent a business and want to talk to us about a partnership, please drop us a line at info@warhorn.net.
  • We’ve considered data aggregation, but that seems to be a pretty sleazy business and we’d rather not get involved with it.
  • And of course, while it would be so simple to slap ads on the site, we’ve said from day one that we will never plaster the site with ugly and irrelevant ad banners. Anything we do along these lines has to enhance your Warhorn experience, not detract from it.

In the meantime, we need your donations to keep Warhorn running.

Over 20,000 people use Warhorn each month. We only need to raise $600 from those 20,000 people to pay for Warhorn for that month. If just 600 people each donated $1 we’d cover our costs. That’s only 3% of the total users for the month. Seems like our community should be able to manage that, right?

Put another way, if only 750 of the 30,000+ registered Warhorn users make a one-time donation of $10, you will cover the cost of operating Warhorn for an entire year.

And that’s not even considering the large conventions that host their schedules and signups on Warhorn. Events that have more than a hundred registrations can often make room in their attendance fees to send us $1 per attendee. We really appreciate when they take the time to do this!

Whether you are an event organizer or an individual, you can help us right now by clicking here to send a donation.

We know that some of you have donated before, and we thank you.

Warhorn has been running for almost fifteen years now. Neither of us has ever made a single dime from Warhorn. The fact is, even with all of you who have donated once or many times before, we have been paying out of our own pockets to keep it going. We can’t keep going with this state of affairs, and we’re working on finding more predictable sources of revenue, but in the meantime we need your help to keep Warhorn online.

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3 comments on “Warhorn needs your donations
  1. Jamie Mathy says:

    Thank you guys for running a great service – I have donated every year I have owned my game store.

    As a FLGS, I would consider a monthly $25 membership worthwhile, which just a couple of features added:
    – Ability of a player to see all games that are being hosted at my store easily (right now there is a PFS group & a D&D group that are separate, but a few players play in both. I think this is really just giving me the ability to control and coordinate scheduling as a venue.
    – Tweaks to make it easier to host non-RPG events. I have a Cash N Guns tournament coming up, and a 7 Wonders tourney also, and it would be great to have a better way to get people signed up for these events.

    You can reach me at any time at jamie@redraccoongames.com to talk about things.

    Again, thank you for what you do,

  2. Rahvin says:

    A large part in feting donations is transparency. If there was some sort of bar graph or “thermometer” or something, or even just a number, showing the amount needed each month, people might be encouraged to donate in order to reach that goal.

    People like reaching goals, especially gamers. It also makes your whole experience more transparent, which makes people feel better about donating. Also, people could see the numbers rise or fall as they donate, which provides some immediate gratification.

  3. Carl says:

    Perhaps a monthly or annual organization plan with a fee based on number of active sign ups allowed which can be adjusted as needed. Perhaps 1-50, 51-100, 101-200, 200-400 and 401+
    They could then pass this cost onto their registration fees. Hoping for donations is not a feasible model. I only signed up on this site as I’m going to an out of town Con to hook up with some of my gaming friends that moved away. None of the cons where I live use this site although I do like the User experience here.

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