Search updates

Just a quick note to let you all know about a couple updates we made to our game and convention search engine.

1. Better location filtering. Many of you have written to complain about our extremely poor location filtering. When you type “oakland ca” into the filter box, you expect to only see games or events in that city, but until now we’d show you games from all over California and (wackily) Canada. The newly tweaked search engine will now return only results for Oakland as you’d expect. You can even combine location filtering with other types of filtering; for example, “oakland pfs” will return only Pathfinder Society games in Oakland.

Location filtering screenshot

2. Filtering for online games. Just like you can find games in a particular location, you should also be able to find online games, but previously you couldn’t. Now, entering “online” into the filter box will work exactly as you want, or even “online pfs”.

Online filtering screen shot

We hope these changes help you find the games you’re looking for more quickly and easily!

In other news, our “pledge drive” has been phenomenally successful. We’ll be writing a full blog post on this topic very soon, but in the meantime, thanks so much for all of your support! If either Finn or I had any hair, you’d have blown it back with all of the money and kind words you sent our way.

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