Signup-related changes

Hey everybody, here’s a quick update on a couple of changes we rolled out recently related to game signups.

First, you can now restrict who can sign up for a session by role. By default, any cleared attendee can sign up, but you can now choose to specify that a particular game is available only to event staff, GMs, or both.

Restricted games will still be visible to all in the schedule, but signup buttons will only appear for attendees who have been assigned the roles to which the session has been restricted.

With this change, we have completely retired the concept of “slot zero” from Warhorn.

Second, the system no longer assigns the GM role implicitly when an attendee signs up to GM a game. Event staff must now assign the GM role manually on the attendee’s manage registration page before that attendee will see GM signup buttons anywhere in the schedule. This means that you now have complete control over who is allowed to sign up to GM your games.

We understand that different types of events have different needs and are very open to feedback on both of these changes. We will tweak them if we think it’s necessary. So let us know what you think!

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11 comments on “Signup-related changes
  1. Robbie says:

    I don’t mind the first update, but can we maybe have the option to automatically let people sign up to GM? I was totally fine with people being able to volunteer to GM without having to get in touch with me, then with me going to the event, the registrations, finding them, and confirming that they can GM. The option to automatically confirm people would be nice.

  2. John Francis says:

    While I can understand that some people may want to put restrictions on GM signups, this should be an event-specific option, and the default should be “Off”. I’m getting emails from our event organisers, GMs, etc.saying that folks who have been GMing for us for years are suddenly unable to sign up to run games!

    It’s hard enough to get GMs at the best of times – let’s not make it any harder for them to sign up!

    • warhornllc says:

      Hear you loud and clear. Everybody who has GM’d for an event was supposed to be given the GM role for that event by default, but it sounds like that didn’t work as expected in every case.

      We’re taking a look at what we can do here. Stay tuned.

      • John Francis says:

        Thanks for your quick response.

        Another point that you might want to to consider is that several of our store organizers create a new event for their games every month (or every quarter), so there isn’t going to be a long list of GMs who are already pre-approved.

  3. John Francis says:

    In that last post I was confusing Paizo events with Warhorn event pages,
    so ignore most of what I said – we don’t create a new page every month 🙂

    But, even so, we’d like new signups to be automatically cleared to sign up as GMs, just as they can be automatically cleared to sign up as players.

  4. […] few days ago we announced a couple of changes related to signups. One of those changes was to require event staff to indicate which attendees are allowed to sign up […]

  5. Joe Peters says:

    we having issues allowing folks to sign up for games.. Is there some place to mage roles, or control how strict an event is for sighn ups?

    • warhorn says:

      Hey, I can help if you tell me more about the issues you’re having. What specifically seems to be the problem? Can you give me links or screenshots that will help me observe it for myself?

  6. Joe Peters says:

    You may not sign up because signups for this session are limited to specific attendees Is the specific error.

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