New for everyone: time zone setting

We’re delighted to announce our newest feature, the time zone user setting. For the first time you can tell Warhorn the time zone in which you’d like to see times represented. No more missing games because it requires a math degree to understand when they start!

How does it work?

Everybody’s time zone is Pacific Time (GMT-8) by default, but you can change this in Account Settings. (Go do that now and then come back!)

Because we’re showing times in a time zone specifically set for you, we’ve removed the time zone identifiers from all times displayed around the site.

Let’s say you’re in New York City and you change your time zone setting from Pacific Time to Eastern Time (GMT-5). Instead of seeing Saturday, Apr 7 at 7:31 am (GMT-07) like before, you’ll now see Saturday, Apr 7 at 10:31 am.

If you ever forget what time zone you’re using, just look up to the global navigation bar at the top of every page. On the right side of the navbar, just next to the account dropdown menu, you’ll see a reminder of your current time:

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 8.44.59 AM

How does the setting relate to event time zones?

The event organizer will still set a time zone for the event relative to the geographical location of the event venue(s). All slot times are interpreted in that time zone but displayed according to your individual time zone setting.

For example, Endgame‘s time zone is Pacific Time because the store is located in California. A 7pm slot start time for Endgame means 7pm in Pacific Time. But when I look at the Endgame schedule, I see a start time of 10pm, since my time zone is Eastern Time.

While an online event doesn’t have a geographical location, you’ll still need to select a base time zone. That can be the time zone of the organizer, but GMT is also a good default. It doesn’t really matter, because everybody will see times according to their individual time zone setting.

That’s it!

The new time zone setting is available now for all users.

We hope that this feature makes using Warhorn easier for geographically distributed groups. Let us know how it works for you in the comments here or on Facebook or Twitter!

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22 comments on “New for everyone: time zone setting
  1. rknop says:

    This threw me off. I went to look at the time of an event, and saw that it was a few hours earlier than I thought it was going to be. I was about to withdraw from the event, as I wasn’t able to make the different time, but I guessed there might have been a time zone problem. Why would you just hardcode the timezone for everybody rather than use simple javascript to figure out the user’s time zone? Of course, even then, if the time zone is not listed, it’s confusing and ambiguous.

    I don’t think most users of Warhorn follow the blog. This sudden change is going to cause a lot of confusion as people show up early for events. PLEASE update all of your web pages so that the time zone is included in every place you list a time — so we don’t see “11:00 AM”, but “11:00AM PDT”, and realize that it’s not what we thought it was.

  2. […] we didn’t suddenly change all the times of our games. Instead, Warhorn has just introduced a new user timezone feature. They have also set a default timezone of pacific time for everyone. You’ll need to change […]

  3. Heather says:

    I would really like to have the ability to disable the time zone feature. It’s more confusing than it is helpful, as my phone will obviously automatically adjust its time setting if I’m traveling to another time zone for a convention/event. Therefore, all this does is force me to have to manually update my profile settings if I’m traveling, or manually do the conversion to ensure I show up somewhere at the right time. This feature isn’t really helpful at all unless someone is right on the border of a time zone. I’ve also received a lot of messages from confused players because of their time zones being defaulted to Pacific time (which is 3 hours earlier) without any kind of email notification, etc., so everyone thought our normal events were starting 3 hours early for some reason.

    Please do not default set people for a default time zone that doesn’t seem to be based on their actual locations, and please give us the ability to turn off this feature from our accounts. Both of these adjustments would be amazing. Thank you.

  4. MerricB says:

    This change broke Warhorn for non-PDT sites. If I go to when my time is set to PDT, then it shows the 19th rather than the 20th, where there are no events, and all links don’t work.

  5. Sly Gryphon says:

    I also had an issue with an event scheduled for Queensland, Australia, when I went to it with the default time zone (PDT), it was calculating the wrong month.


    Would display the May events.

    The links forward and backwards still added +/- 1, so backwards went to 04=March and forwards did nothing (06=May, still).

    Changing my timezone to Brisbane fixed the problem.

  6. fyjhamwp says:

    Surely allowing you to just view it as per the event’s timezone would’ve been a better default than a sudden PDT switch? I’m currently trying to get in touch with as many of our venues & players as I can outside the system because I’d be willing to bet money we’ll have people show up on the wrong day not realizing their timezone has been messed up. l I’m organizing and I went to reconfigure the event slots before I realized I’d been put in the wrong timezone. I have half a mind to reconfigure my event to PDT just so it shows accurately for the users who don’t realize this “feature” was added, despite the fact it’s the wrong timezone…

    Also is it intentional that the event homepage is gone until you’re logged in now? You can’t even view the schedule without registering (Though it appears if you have the schedule directly bookmarked you’re OK, just no going via the event page)…

  7. Timothy J. Lanza says:

    When looking at the personal schedule for an event, slots extending to midnight show up on the day they end, not the day they begin. They should be on the day they begin.

  8. tjlanza says:

    When viewing the personal event schedule, slots that extend to midnight show up on the day they end, rather than they day they begin. This should be corrected to use the start time – I highly doubt many people look at a four hour something that starts at 8 pm on a Friday night and think “Oh, that’s Saturday morning”.

  9. Barb says:

    Unfortunately, this took many of us by surprise. In fact, I had a brand new potential player show up two hours early today, find no one present, and leave. They thought the game started two hours earlier than it was scheduled for. I had set up the game correctly, but nowhere when they created their brand new Warhorn account did it prompt them to set their time zone (so that they would notice it, at least).

    It would be really helpful to allow this feature to be and OPT IN feature, such that a user could choose to set their time zone, otherwise, no time zone would be displayed, and the time zone of the activity would take precedence. For those of us who travel and game while traveling, my phone updates automatically, and the idea that I’ll need to update my Warhorn setting to match my phone if attending a con will be just one more step.

  10. warhornllc says:

    For all those who’ve given feedback, thanks so much!

    We’ve identified a few more changes that we’d like to make in the next few days to give you more control over how you want time zones displayed and to help those who haven’t noticed the new setting to get it set appropriately.

    Please keep an eye out for an another announcement here and in all the usual places.

  11. Gregory says:

    Ok, this was a major issue.
    I was unaware of the change and … missed a game day as all my plans (and as a result, plans for at least 2 other persons) were done with times that were 2 hours off. I’m glad it wasn’t a major convention…

    Does this mean that when I travel out of my home Time Zone the start times for games will not be in Local TIme? That’s… going to be an issue. “Yeah, it’s an hour later here, so you missed the Start Time because you left a Wake Up call at the hotel desk – which is on Local Time.”

  12. Mahewa says:

    This “feature” makes no sense for in-person events. Event administrators should be able to make them show in the local time zone regardless of the user’s time zone. Otherwise this is always going to cause confusion.

  13. Luke says:

    So this completely caused confusion for our convention. As stated above by a few folks, many people missed this (and will likely not change it for our next con in March 2019). People signed up for the wrong events, were confused over game slot times, and were just generally dissatisfied with the change.

    If there would be a way to turn this off, or default it to the time zone of the event (or state EST for Eastern Standard Time events, etc.), that would be ideal. I’d rather the few people that attend from a different time zone are slightly inconvenienced rather than 100% of our east coast attendees because 0% of them are in the PST time zone.

    Sorry, normally you guys nail it on updates and we absolutely love using the site (and will continue to), but this one threw us for a loop and now we have 6 months to figure out work-arounds on communication to our attendees to avoid issues in the future. Negative feedback aside, thank you for all of your hard work on the site, it is greatly appreciated!!

  14. T Kimmitt says:

    I went to my dashboard and found that all times are displaying with GMT-05 next to them, even though the events are located in Illinois (Central Time GMT-06). I checked my profile, where I found that my time zone was set to Pacific Time GMT-07; I changed the setting on my profile to Central Time GMT-06. The events on my dashboard are STILL showing in GMT-05. What’s going on? Now I’m not sure if any of these times are reliable.

  15. David Johnston says:

    The newest version of Chrome seems to have issues with this feature. Today (10/30/18) I had two iPad devices on different versions of Chrome; one showed the events with the correct times while the other one had all times subsequent to Nov 4th showing one hour later. My personal timezone, and that of the venue, are both Arizona which doesn’t observe DST. When I upgraded Chrome on the one with the correct times it too began showing incorrect times. My recent Chrome browser on Windows is likewise showing times one hour later than actual. I will say that I’m not exactly sure what the venue did during input but upgrading the browser version causing the displayed date to change suggests whatever is going on isn’t the fault of the venue coordinator.

  16. maldar says:

    This change has been a real pain. Only On-line games should have this implemented. Games that have a physical venue should always be displayed in local time. I live not too far from another time zone so I will have to remember not to subtract 1 hr from my time like I am so used to doing.

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