New: an updated look for Warhorn

Hey all, I’m super excited to unveil a new look for Warhorn!

Four months in the making, this refresh of the Warhorn design is based on Bootstrap v4 with the Materia theme from Bootswatch. Many of your core interactions with the site will be faster and easier than ever before. Information is presented in more approachable and appealing ways using info cards and list groups, and user profile pictures and scenario cover art give more color and life to the site.

Furthermore (fingers crossed), I believe I’ve fixed every one of the time zone issues in the event schedule section that have particularly plagued our users in Asia-Pacific regions.

As with any big change, there are likely to be some bugs. I ask for your patience and consideration as we flush these out and get them fixed. If you experience any issues with the site, please email me at and describe the problem, including screenshots if possible to help us more easily troubleshoot.

Finally, I’d love your feedback. What do you like? What do you hate? What should I focus on next? Send your thoughts to

Thanks for your support, and happy gaming!

— Brian

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28 comments on “New: an updated look for Warhorn
  1. Jeremy Willis says:

    I can’t see anyone I’m playing with anymore!

  2. David says:


    For reference, the store is usually only scheduled for Mondays. I can’t go directly to the next week where a game session is scheduled. I need to click through each day of the week where nothing is scheduled. Would be good to be able to see all the next scheduled game sessions (like before) and be able to click and go directly to that page. Sort of like a calendar view.


    • warhorn says:

      Hey David, thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried the monthly agenda view? It’s much more compact than the calendar view. Sounds like you don’t have enough sessions each week for the calendar view to have much value.

      • MerricB says:

        The problem comes on the day view (e.g. , where previously you’d click through to the next day of events, now it links to the next calendar day.

        From the day view, you can sign up to all the events on that day, then previously you could click to the next day of events and do it again.

        Trying to do it from the agenda view, you have to click onto each individual event, which is even more work.

      • warhorn says:

        That’s fair. However, going back to the month view and then into the next day of interest is only two clicks 🙂

        I wanted the calendar view to work more like a real calendar, with horizontal navigation at both the month and day level being completely predictable. This also has the side benefits of being easier to code and faster to render in the browser.

        It’s fair to say that this has been the most controversial change. I’m open to providing a way for you to quickly move between days with games. I’m not sure the old way is the best way, though. I’ll noodle on it and see what I come up with.

      • David says:

        I think I found the new way to look at it by “your personal schedule”.

      • D says:

        Our players and GMs are running into this same issue as Merric.

        We have events on Mondays, some Wednesdays, some Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so being able to skip days that have no games has always been great for workflow (for me and the other people who schedule our games) and our players/GMs who sign up.

        Also, speed boosts aside, I’ve had more than one GM ask me if there is any way to switch our page back to the old layout…so I hate to ask…but is there any chance of that in the future?

      • warhorn says:

        No, we won’t be switching back. I understand that change can be uncomfortable, but rolling back is not the answer. That would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

        Instead, I encourage everyone to share with me what’s difficult about using the new site (as you’ve done here), or what you’d like to accomplish but aren’t able to, so that I can make incremental changes to address those issues.

        I’m hearing this same feedback a lot about navigating between days, so I’ll find a way to address it. Stay tuned.

      • warhorn says:

        Couple updates. In ten minutes or so, there will be two updates to the day view:

        1. The “up link” to the monthly view will be there now for all events, not just the ones that had the obsolete “use calendar” event setting enabled. So now you can pop from the day to month view and back very quickly.

        2. I’ve added “next session” and “previous session” buttons to the day view so that you can move between days with sessions with the minimum number of clicks.

        Hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

  3. John says:

    This is a nightmare. When I go to the store page, why can’t I jump between the days that have scheduled content in the Event Schedule page anymore? Who thought it was a good idea to make us cycle through a day at a time to search a store’s events? The agenda view that you have on some of the stores doesn’t even show up on my lgs’s page either.

    I usually check every day to see if the new tables have been posted. I guess it’s time to click “Next day” 27 times to check if a game’s been posted for the end of the month. So fun!

    • warhorn says:

      Hey John, thanks for your feedback.

      Can you tell me more about “The agenda view that you have on some of the stores doesn’t even show up on my lgs’s page either”? Not sure what you mean. Can you give me the URL of a page that shows the behavior you’re talking about?

      With regard to seeing if new tables have been posted, the activity stream on the event overview page will also tell you when a session has been created. May be the simplest way for you to get that information.

  4. Robert Bollerman says:

    I’m still getting used to the updated version, but I have a question. Is there a way to have the “Show Session Details” box checked by default? I often need bounce through multiple pages and having to re-expand the session details each time is a bit annoying. Is there currently a way to do this? Thanks!


    • warhorn says:

      I’m thinking I’ll make the toggling of the checkbox sticky so that once you expand the details on one page, they will be automatically expanded on every subsequent page until you toggle the checkbox again. What do you think?

      • Mike Bramnik says:

        I was going to ask a similar question to Robert’s “perilous” one (inside joke). I think that would be an awesome solution.

        Another question – is there a way to disable or toggle the preview images of scenarios/adventures on the “manage scenarios” page? Having a nice compact list was a real boon as an organizer, and while having preview images is more visually appealing, I’m finding it harder to look through things to figure out what we have/haven’t run before locally.

        Thanks, as always, for all your work on this site!

      • warhorn says:

        With regard to finding scenarios, I’d like to know more about what you’re trying to accomplish (figuring out what you have run before locally) and what signals you look at. I may be able to come up with even better ideas about how to help you do that.

  5. Mike Bramnik says:

    Just noticed a possible bug. When signing people up as GMs for games as an event organizer, it’s listing how many open player seats there are, not how many open GM seats there are. Will get back to your above-request shortly. Ty again!!

    • warhorn says:

      Can you send me the URL of a page where I can see this problem? Thanks!

      • Mike Bramnik says:

        Certainly! When I go to: for my upcoming convention, I’m only signing GMs up manually right now before I open the event up for everyone (since there is no way to restrict warhorn to only allow people to sign up as GMs and not as players), but after I give an attendee the GM tag, then go to “upcoming sessions” and click “GM” to assign them to GM a table, the tables only appear showing the # of open player seats, not GM seats / waitlisting for GMs.

  6. warhorn says:

    I just pushed a fix for this. Should be live in 10-15 minutes. Can you please check and let me know if it’s working for you now?

    • Mike Bramnik says:

      Hoping I can get my reply to work correctly this time…As the klingons would say, Q’apla! (success!)

      Thank ye kindly, sir!

  7. Tim Gray says:

    Suggestion: create a page about ‘How to use this site’, and link it from the navigation and footer areas.

    A local venue has started using you for event scheduling, but there’s no way to actually book events, and no help information to be found.

  8. Mike Bramnik says:

    Another question – is there any way to restore the old functionality that organizers/staff had in regards to the “mange registrations” list? I used to be able to sort the list by number of games played (ascending or descending) or GM’d, and I found that to be very helpful. I went to go do that for my upcoming convention and just now discovered that option no longer exists.

    I’m also missing the old “manage scenarios” page – I am not a fan of having the preview images taking up so much space and there not being a compact list like there used to be. This is something else I’d love to be able to get back, if possible?

    As always, though, thank you for all that you do for our community!

    • warhorn says:

      Oops, I thought I had responded to this. I’ve added the sorting request to the wishlist and will address it down the road.

      Regarding the manage scenarios page – I’d like to know more. Is this simply a stylistic preference for not having the images, or are you trying to accomplish a specific task that is made more difficult by the presence of the images?

  9. Robert Wiesehuegel says:

    When using a mobile device to view a session, you have the description, List of GMs, list of Players, scenario image, links/buttons for a few things, and then FINALLY the player waitlist. Could the waitlist be moved to directly underneath the player list, so that we can see everything on one screen?

    It looks fine when using the computer.

    • warhorn says:

      Oops, thought I had responded to this. Totally see what you’re saying. I’ve added this to the wishlist and will address it in priority order. Thanks for the suggestion!

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