Supporting online gaming

Given the focus on social distancing that’s helping many of us cope with the global COVID-19 situation, I’m expecting the volume of online gaming to increase dramatically. I’d like to do more to help the community list and find online games with Warhorn.

If you’re organizing an online game, or if you’re looking to play online, what can I do to make Warhorn better for you? And how can we spread the word that Warhorn is a great place to find online games?

I’d love to hear your suggestions, whether in the comments here in the blog or in an email to


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8 comments on “Supporting online gaming
  1. aaron says:

    Would it be possible to support an online gaming platform here? Since from time to time they must go online? I’m new to DnD but it’s one less thing to figure out.

    • Brian says:

      Creating an entire virtual tabletop platform is beyond what I’m capable of doing with my limited resources, unfortunately 😦

      In recent weeks, however, I’ve quietly pushed out a feature where virtual tabletop links can be prominently featured for session participants. While it’s not the same thing you asked for, the feature should make it a little easier for those running online games to get this important information out to their players.

  2. Kilgrave says:

    Would be great if there was a tag on the games (Online) or (Offline) so people would know if the gamer is using VTT or other Online gaming tools.. Looking at the games available now and I don’t see anything to tell me if these games are local only or have room for Online users or which applications are being used (VTTs, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, etc..) Voice apps like Skype or discord.. as examples.

  3. David Murray says:

    Hi – I am new here, so may have missed something. I appreciate that this was created originally for events and not so much for drop-in play. We typically have 5-8 tables/dm’s a night. We run 6pm on weeknights and 1pm on Saturdays. I love that scenarios can be auto-populated with existing content, but we often don’t know what each DM is going to run until the ‘day-of’ (or even ‘the hour’). It would be nice for DM’s to be able to populate their own scenarios AND change a scenario if called-for. Maybe even stand-up a scenario on their own (although I figure I can promote some of the to ‘organizer’ to allow this last bit). Thanks.

  4. Dwight says:

    Throw a video up about how Warhorn works, or link to one you’ve already made. I only heard about it recently and am very intrigued. I had previously thought TTE was the only infrastructure for events.

    Can we charge for badges and/or things like door-prizes for virtual conventions?

    • Brian says:

      There’s a rudimentary fee system with PayPal payments. Some use it for badges and door prizes, but it doesn’t handle more sophisticated use cases very well. I haven’t seen enough demand to justify building it out any more, especially with all the other potential features on the wishlist.

      I’m sure that’s not what you’d like to hear, but Warhorn is a one-man operation, and I have a day job, so I have to be really selective about how I use my time.

      I’ve tried reasonably hard to make Warhorn self-explanatory, but I know there’s a ways to go. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to email me at

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