Feature updates: Spoken language, GM session management

Hey all, hope you’re staying safe at home and protecting your health right now. I wanted to let you know about a couple of enhancements I’ve rolled out over the last couple weeks.

Set the spoken language for your event and sessions

Folks from different countries are playing games together online more than ever. It’s important for everybody to be clear about what language will be spoken in these situations.

As such, you can now optionally tag each session with a language:

The language for a session shows up in its tag list:

For those of you setting up lots of sessions for your conventions and recurring events, you can also specify a language for the event in Setup > Location which will be used as the default for all sessions you subsequently create:

I hope this new feature will help reduce confusion in your upcoming online games!

Let GMs manage their own sessions

Warhorn was initially designed more for events where a central staff manages all aspects of event management. However, many of you follow a more decentralized model where many of these responsibilities are distributed to your GMs. I have many ideas about how to better support the decentralized management model, and I’m happy to announce the first step in this direction.

In Setup > Roles, you can enable a setting to allow GMs to manage their own (existing) sessions:

Once you’ve done this, whenever somebody signs up for a session as a GM, they’ll see a new MANAGE SESSION button in the sidebar of the session’s schedule page:

This button takes the GM to the same Manage > Session page that staff members see, but only certain functions are available:

  • Edit the basic details of the session (language, campaign mode, number of tables, players per table, active/inactive, notes)
  • Replace the session scenario

Down the road I’d like to better support GMs submitting their own sessions and other more advanced aspects of decentralized event management, but I hope this is a helpful first step.

Your feedback is critical to shaping the future of Warhorn. Please let me know what you think of these new features and what else you’d like to see in the comments on this post, over at Facebook, or in email.

Thanks for being part of our community. Keep each other safe out there!

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