New Feature: Session Discussions

One of the most requested features for the last few years has been the ability for game participants to message each other. Whether it’s a GM wanting to share a Roll20 or Discord link, or players discussing character selection, it’s clear that those signed up to play a game together need a way to talk to each other.

To meet this need, today I’m introducing a new feature to Warhorn: session discussions.

How it works

When the feature is enabled for an event, every one of the event’s game session gets its own built-in discussion board located under the Discussions tab on the session’s schedule page.

Anybody signed up for a session – GM or player, confirmed or waitlisted – is able to read the discussion and post messages of their own. Event staff have full access to the discussion of every session in the event.


Each session participant will receive an email notification whenever a message is posted to the session’s discussion board. If you don’t want these notifications, you can pop over to the new Notifications Settings page to disable them.

Early access

Warhorn Gold subscriptions provide early access to major new features. As such, I’ve enabled a preview of the session discussions feature for every event that has at least one active Gold subscriber registered as of today, April 19, 2020.

The preview period will last for at least the next four weeks. I reserve the right to extend the preview period as needed to ensure that the feature works as intended.

What’s next?

I’m considering many potential enhancements to the feature, including:

  • Commenting on posts and replying to comments
  • Basic formatting of post messages – bold, italic, strikethrough
  • Link previews
  • Emoji 🙀
  • Restrict the ability to post to specific roles and/or confirmed participants only
  • Restrict the visibility of a post similarly

And if this feature proves to be as useful as I think it will, I foresee extending it to the event level (discussions between event staff and registrants). Perhaps even user-to-user messaging!


I’d love to hear anything you have to say about this new feature, be it a bug report, enhancement request, complaint or praise. Whether it’s in the comments on this blog post, at our Facebook page, or in an email to info@warhorn.netI need your help to make the feature the best it can be.

As always, thanks so much for being part of the Warhorn community. Keep each other safe out there!

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7 comments on “New Feature: Session Discussions
  1. Very handy! This could be a huge part of a solution for the issues we ran into migrating our convention online!

  2. Finegas says:

    While a great step and addition to the community is missing something i think alot of event organizer would like. The Ability for GMs to see player signup information, and thus cut down on the micromanaging of the staff members of the event.

  3. Mike Bramnik says:

    This is an amazing idea and feature. I would start using this yesterday if I could!

  4. Mike Bramnik says:

    Question for you – will this eventually be rolled out to all warhorn or just premium? If the latter, I may need to see about taking up a collection from my locals 😛

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