Session discussions, virtual tabletops

Earlier this morning I enabled the session discussions feature for everybody. The Gold subscriber group posted to discussions frequently during the early access period, and it was gratifying to see how many previously out-of-band conversations moved directly onto the site, creating visibility of information for all. I’m excited for the potential of session discussions to better connect our Warhorn communities!

One of the most common ways the early access group used session discussions was to share links to the virtual tabletop (VTT) platforms they’re using for online gaming. I thought it would be valuable to put some structure around this, so I built in a way for event staff (and GMs, where allowed) to add links and other necessary connection information directly to the session configuration.

This info is surfaced to those signed up for the session in a new Participant Info tab on the session schedule page.

I’ve rolled out this feature in stages over the last few weeks, and several hundred virtual tabletops have already been configured across 45 events. I’m looking forward to hearing how the virtual tabletop feature improves your event experience.

Oh and, anticipating the followup question – yes, I’ll be doing this for Discord and other voice/chat systems as well. Stay tuned!

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