Organized Play Character Settings For All

Hey all, first post of 2021. (Which, incidentally, is Warhorn’s 20th year in existence. WOW!) I’m psyched to be kicking off the year by announcing that the organized play character settings, previously available only to paid Warhorn members, are now available to every Warhorn user! 🙀

Wait, which settings?

These! Or click on your profile picture in the top right corner of any Warhorn page, then select “Characters” from the “Organized Play” section of the sidebar.

What do these settings do?

They allow you to save a simple profile for each character you’ve created for an organized play campaign. When signing up for an organized play game, you can choose from among the characters you’ve saved for that campaign. This gives the GM and other players a little more insight into the makeup of the game, making it easier for them to prepare and make choices about their own participation.

Down the line, we’ll add more character-based features. For example, I’d like to integrate with popular digital character sheet systems like Hero Lab Online so that we can save you some data entry and make it easier for GMs to see the character details they need to prepare a game. This would also be a great way to collect the information your GMs and event hosts need to generate adventure logs and report game results back to the mothership.

If everybody gets this feature, why am I paying for a membership?

Totally fair question. Warhorn VIP membership has other benefits, like early signups to Paizo-sponsored events on Warhorn and access to the private Warhorn Discord server. One of my highest priorities this year is adding more value to the VIP membership package by partnering with other companies to provide discounts and offer exclusive benefits to Warhorn VIPs. I’d love to hear your ideas about ways I can power up the membership program.

I have something to say about this change.

Awesome! In addition to the comments below, I’m available via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord (bcm#5018). Looking forward to hearing from you.

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One comment on “Organized Play Character Settings For All
  1. Michael Balin says:

    Nice! I’ve enjoyed having this feature and I always thought it would be cool if everyone could use it.

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