February 2021 Updates

First in a new monthly series rounding up changes to Warhorn for your reading pleasure.

Organized play character settings

As described in a previous post, I extended the organized play character settings feature to all Warhorn users. Over 3000 characters have been added to the system since then. If you haven’t added yours yet, head over to the settings page and get started now!


Yep, I finally went there. I’ve always told you I wouldn’t put low-quality belly fat or teeth whitening ads on the site, but I do believe (and have corroborating feedback) that many of you would appreciate learning about gaming-related products and services. As such, I am experimenting with ad formats to see how I can create opportunities for connections between Warhorn users and gaming-related brands. If you’re interested in advertising on Warhorn, please check out the advertising kit and get in touch.

I’m also considering how I can provide similar opportunities for organizers to promote their events and more easily fill their tables. Let me know if you’re interested in exploring this idea with me!

New features

  • Self-service account deletion: In accordance with global privacy and data ownership laws, you may now delete your Warhorn account without emailing me for help. All of your personally identifying information is removed from our system when you take this action. If you’re the organizer for any events, you’ll need to transfer those events to other users before you can delete your account.
  • Role-based fee assignments: Designate roles to be automatically assigned to a user when they select a fee at registration.
  • GM and player signup counts are now listed on the dashboard’s signup summaries.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected validation errors in the event schedule RSS feed causing some readers to choke
  • Fixed PFS2 character settings to use the correct set of classes (was previously using PFS1’s class list)
  • Fixed SFS character settings to accept PFS number

Reactions in comments below or through email, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord (bcm#5018), please!

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One comment on “February 2021 Updates
  1. Daniel Chapman says:

    One thing you could do that would be unobtrusive, but might raise a little more money is to add “affiliate_id” to any links to DM’s Guild that don’t already have one. It’s something that doesn’t cost the authors of the products anything, and it’s 100% what the feature is intended for.

    Basically, just add ?affiliate_id=(yournumber) at the end of links without it and you’ll get 5% of the sale price of the title. ( I was actually surprised you weren’t already doing it.)


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