March 2021 Site Updates

Here’s your monthly roundup of recent changes to Warhorn.

New features

  • Dashboard: Your user dashboard has changed significantly! The sidebar activity stream has been replaced with a more prominent news feed, which sets things up for some new content features coming later this year. Your next few upcoming signups and events are summarized in the sidebar.
  • Game listings: The “Games” page has been built out into a whole section. Game Listings shows all open games happening today to make it as easy as possible to find a game when you want one. You can search and filter all upcoming games, and you can browse all of your upcoming signups and play history. You can also keep track of your signups in your RSS reader or calendar application of choice using the feed links at Upcoming Signups.
  • Event listings: Along the same lines, the “Conventions” page has also been expanded into Event Listings, where you can search and browse all upcoming, past, and recurring events. You can also view the events you’re registered for, the events you’re following, and the events you’re organizing.
  • Follow events: You can now follow events to keep up with their activity even if you haven’t registered for them. Your dashboard news feed shows updates from all of your followed events. You can also unfollow events that you’re registered for if you want to have a little more control over what shows up in the news feed.
  • Duplicate sessions: Event managers can now copy a session into an upcoming slot, optionally copying the signups as well. This should make it easier to schedule multiple tables of a game or repeating sessions of a long campaign.
  • Notification settings: You can now control which email notifications you get about events, registrations, and discussions. Take control of your inbox at Notification Settings.
  • Campaign tags: Those volunteers who help manage our Organized Play campaign data are now able to create, edit, and delete campaign tags on their own. No more waiting for me to get around to your support requests!


  • Upgraded the schedule display to show character class and levels next to character names, for easier scanning and better mobile support.

Bug fixes

  • Added a “Load more” button to Character Settings so that those of you with more than 25 characters can see them all!

I’d love to hear what you think about March’s updates in the comments below or through emailTwitterFacebook, or Discord (bcm#5018). Thank you, and good gaming!

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