About us

Warhorn LLC develops and supports the Warhorn event registration platform. The company has two principals: Brian Moseley and Finn Kisch.


brianI’m a software architect and engineer with 15 years’ experience building web sites and applications of all flavors. Among other things, I’m largely responsible for the implementation of a server system that delivers targeted advertising into your Xbox 360 games. To some extent, Warhorn is a way for me to pay off some of the karmic debt I accumulated through that project!

I’ve been playing D&D since kindergarten. I was also a big fan of Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, and MERP. Once my parents brought a PC home, I tore through every SSI gold box D&D computer game and many others too. After a break from gaming in my 20s, I returned to D&D when 3.0 was published and discovered the RPGA not long after.

I built the original Warhorn site as a one-off tool to help me organize a small Living Greyhawk convention back in 2002. Since then, thousands of events have been managed using that same creaky little system held together with spit and baling wire. It’s gratifying that folks have continued to find Warhorn useful, and I’m excited to finally be able to modernize it and make it even easier for us to enjoy our hobby. Feel free to drop me a line at bcm@warhornllc.com.


finnMy job is making Warhorn easy to use. I do all the visual and interaction design – what Warhorn looks like, how it’s organized, and how all of the functions work. I’ve been doing this kind of work for about 15 years – graphic design first, then migrating to interaction design during the first dot-com heyday.

My first RPG was the D&D Red Box. I played a bunch of Vampire, Cyberpunk 2020, and TFOS in college. In 2000 or so I got deeply into miniatures gaming (and painting, naturally). A back injury put the kibosh on my painting a few years back so it’s pretty much RPGs for me these days—4e D&D, Unknown Armies, Shadowrun, and whatever small-press games I can manage. I play plenty of board games too, natch. Dominion, RoboRally, Space Alert, BSG, and Pandemic are at the top of my list.

I’m always interested in hearing from the folks who work with products I design. You can get me at finn@warhornllc.com.