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March 2021 Site Updates

Here’s your monthly roundup of recent changes to Warhorn. New features Dashboard: Your user dashboard has changed significantly! The sidebar activity stream has been replaced with a more prominent news feed, which sets things up for some new content features

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February 2021 Updates

First in a new monthly series rounding up changes to Warhorn for your reading pleasure. Organized play character settings As described in a previous post, I extended the organized play character settings feature to all Warhorn users. Over 3000 characters

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Organized Play Character Settings For All

Hey all, first post of 2021. (Which, incidentally, is Warhorn’s 20th year in existence. WOW!) I’m psyched to be kicking off the year by announcing that the organized play character settings, previously available only to paid Warhorn members, are now

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Additional game listing filters

We’ve powered up the game listings to make it even easier to find games that match your preferences.

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New Tools for Managing Event Access

It’s been quite some time since my last update. Since that time, I’ve been banging away in the salt mines on a major new set of features that completely revamp access control for your events. I’m pleased to inform you

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Session discussions, virtual tabletops

Session discussions are now available to everyone! Also, share your virtual tabletop connection info in a structured way.

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Mea Culpa

Oops, I broke the website!

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New Feature: Session Discussions

Introducing session discussion boards for Warhorn

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Feature updates: Spoken language, GM session management

New March features: set the spoken language for your games, let GMs manage their own sessions

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Supporting online gaming

Given the focus on social distancing that’s helping many of us cope with the global COVID-19 situation, I’m expecting the volume of online gaming to increase dramatically. I’d like to do more to help the community list and find online

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