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New: an updated look for Warhorn

A new look for Warhorn brings simpler interactions, more visual appeal, and schedule timezone fixes

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New for everyone: time zone setting

We’re delighted to announce our newest feature, the time zone user setting. For the first time you can tell Warhorn the time zone in which you’d like to see times represented. No more missing games because it requires a math

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New premium feature: dashboard activity stream

Today we’re announcing our second premium feature for Warhorn subscribers: the dashboard activity stream. We built on the event activity streams feature that we launched earlier this year to give you insight into all of the events you care about

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Followup to GM signup changes

A few days ago we announced a couple of changes related to signups. One of those changes was to require event staff to indicate which attendees are allowed to sign up as GMs by explicitly assigning those attendees the GM

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Signup-related changes

Hey everybody, here’s a quick update on a couple of changes we rolled out recently related to game signups. First, you can now restrict who can sign up for a session by role. By default, any cleared attendee can sign

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Event activity streams are live!

Today we’re making event activity streams live for everybody. As I described a few weeks ago, event activity streams provide visibility into the scheduling and signup activities that are the heart of Warhorn. And we’ll be building on event activities

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Announcing a new preview feature: event activity streams

Today we’re unveiling a new feature that we’ve been working on for the past few months: event activity streams! The new activity stream on the right side of the event home page shows the most recent actions that event staff

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A New Look for Warhorn

Hey all! As you may have seen, we’re sporting a new look at Warhorn. After five years or so, we’ve traded in the old brown/green/orange color palette for a cleaner and cooler blue/gray/black skin. We’ve also taken┬áthe opportunity to clean

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Search updates

Just a quick note to let you all know about a couple updates we made to our game and convention search engine. 1. Better location filtering. Many of you have written to complain about our extremely poor location filtering. When you

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